02 June, 2009

i'm really need a BREAK!!!!!

It happens every year around this time. When it comes UiTM Semester Break, I am extremely busy at work. huhuhuhu..Feeling crash with all the tight schedule for this 3 weeks.
  • a lot of Trainings..non-stop almost everyday from 8am-5pm. feeling sick with this trainings at lab.
  • Intersession Classes..everyday for 3 weeks. Nextweek another lecturer will take place..
  • Seminars...why all the seminars must be held during this time??????
  • Time Table... i'm the AJK of the time table need to settle up FKe's staff time table..ni yg paling pening..
  • Preparing course module...using for next semester. Busy ordering textbook with publisher.
  • Final Exam Question...also must be done by this time..huhuhuhu...Tomorrow got Pre-Vetting for this Final Exam Question.

everytime i'm going back from work, i'm feel so tired.. have to forget about my aerobics session..i really need a break.. just submit online 'cuti rehat'..from 7June to 12June..1week rest..need for holiday..hope will recover my energy, refresh my mind..make me laugh or at least bring a smile on my face..

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