15 May, 2009

Happy Teacher's Day..Some Thoughts

  • I’ve had a lot of teachers in my life; who has changed my life and my way of thinking for the better.. Some of them were awesome nice and pleasant where I look forward to their class when I came to school..while others were more of disciplinarians. Some of my teachers at both primary and secondary schools, lecturers at universities while others were less formal, like people we meet along the way that happened to be older and wiser in the ways of the world. All of these people had a hand in shaping mylife, developing my character, quenching my thirst for knowledge.
  • Anyways, in light of it being teacher’s day tomorrow.. i just wanna wish all my teachers, my friends who is becoming a teacher, and all teacher’s out there, "Happy Teacher's Day, keep up the good work and may Allah S.W.T bless all of ya’ll."

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