13 March, 2009

With him in this journey..Our 1st anniversary!

Today, 13 March 09 is our 1st year wedding anniversary.. Alhamdulillah, we have spent a year together and have been through good and bad things that I couldn’t find the words to say how much I loved him.

I am so thankful to Allah for keeping the marriage strong.. Problems normally come and go but I know that Allah allows those things to happen in order to make us stronger and be able to face any trials that would come along the way.

On our 1st anniversary, wishing our love continues & happiness pour in forever..

10 March, 2009

Sue'S WeddinG..

8 March 08

Today is Sue and ShaQ Wedding..a big day for them..Congratulation to my beloved sis..be a gud wife,k..

got some pictures during their big day..

pada sebelah pg nyer..majlis kad nikah..

a perfect match....

we wishing of u both a lifetime of.. Everlasting love and happiness!!

pada sebelah petangnye..majlis resepsi..

gelagat mak buah ngn anak buah sementara tunggu pengantin lelaki tiba..
pukul 3 ptg, ketibaan pengantin lelaki

sue & shaQ kat pelamin..tgk sape jd pengapit? ni pengapit terjun..

with family..

my sibling..

kami tumpang happy on your big day

penat dah bergambar..mkn lak..

bergambar lagi..

to Sue..
we so happy.. You've found the perfect match for yourself.. Here's wishing u a wonderful wedding and a very happy life ahead!

-kak ida & abg ehsan-

07 March, 2009

Blk Kg TiMe...

Da great day for me..today i'm going back to Kota Bharu with my husband..kb-penang about 5 hours driving..huhuhuhuhu..tomorrow need to attend Sue's wedding..tak sabarnye nak sampai umah..Monday i will back to penang..Selasa ade kelas dr Kamal kat usm pagi-pagi tu..kul 8am-10am..

06 March, 2009


Today my student having test. Test 1 for MICROWAVE subject from 2.30pm to 4.00pm. Subject ni bukan kelas ajar memasak..hehhe..tp microwave ni subjek pasal Electromagnetic Wave Theory, major for electronic engineering student. Student part 6 amek subjek ni..student dah nak grad dah..so agak senang nak handle student yg dah matured ni..

Sempat capture a few moment during test..

capture dari dpn kelas.

view from the back of the class..17 students in my class.

khusyuk diorg jawab test..hehhehe

and i pantau diorg dari depan..huhuhu nampak cam serius lak time ni tp i jaga jap jer..pastu mulala bosan..then tinggal diorg, balik bilik jap..hehhhehhee.. then dtg blk bwk calculator nak marking Quiz & Assignment students while tunggu diorg abis jawab. To all my students, gud luck,k..

05 March, 2009

"Buah Tangan" from my student

2 minggu dah student ni tak dtg jupe. i'm their supervisor for their final year project..alih alih arini dtg dgn buah tangan skali..bodek ke ni??hehehe..tp sejuk gak hati tgk diorg dah siap letak all the project component on the bread board. they already tested it at lab dan siap ngadu transformer letupkan resistor diorg lg..diorg dtg arini nak tunjuk all the progress yg diorg dah buat sambil bawak ni..

cuba teka ape diorg bwk ni..

"yg ni kmi ade bawak something utk puan.."

grapes for me..thanks sanusi and faid..u all dah leh start fabricate dah..go for pcb layout,k..gud luck..

03 March, 2009


Congratulation to diha & asreen..diorg kawen 28 Feb aritu tp tak sempat nak upload gmbar diorg..i'm quite bz with my uitm & usm schedule.. ade sket gmbar diorg..diha look nice+beautiful in her white and marroon dress..

asreen & diha at their cute pelamin.

wish u a beautiful journey together..
my hero and asreen. cam same tema lak..

yan+nikmah+kakmawar+me..lame dah tak jupe diorg..

we wish for both of u..may your wedding bring u endless joy and everlasting happiness!