24 November, 2008

..a sweet news..

a few days ago..i've receive a sms from puai...huhu..at last, she gave me sms after a few weeks being really quiet..no ym that's means no update news..huhu..( i'm starting miss her so much..").. she told me, " kmi dah pregnant 2bln.." waa....a sweet news to share.. she gonna be a hot mama next year..erm..bestkan?

to puai..now that you're pregnant, taking care of urself and ur baby is important. Stay healthy,k. ermmm..tak sabar nak jd aunty ni..

a picture of me and puai.. picture taken during our degree in klia.. during our bachelor gurl time..hehehe..
as usual..kalau amek gambar, puai mesti nak nyorok blakang.. hhehehe... miss u..


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